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Our Story


Some parts of our story are fun to tell because they're beautiful and heroic. Other parts are tragic or painful and we hope to never talk about those parts again. When we meet someone for the first time of course we start with our "stats" - where we're from, where we live, our marital status - but we don’t stop there. We move to spending time together, sharing stories over food and drink, laughing and crying, as we find places our stories align and diverge.

In the same way, our church has a story that says more about who we are than our "stats" - our doctrinal statement, website design, denominational orientation or musical style.

Here are the basics of our story. We began meeting as a church in the spring of 2008. Before that, many of us were involved in different small groups together, grew up together or knew each other in countless other ways. Most of us are from the Greater Peoria-area, or moved here in college, and so this is home for us. When we felt God leading us to start Imago Dei, we talked about all kinds of locations but over time it become clear to us that God was calling our church to serve the city.

Fast-forward a few years and we’ve grown: more people attend our Sunday morning Gatherings, there are more children than when we started and we have stumbled upon more ways to serve the city.  But we’re still a story in progress. We don’t have it all figured out, and frankly, we’re a little suspicious of answers that come too easily or seem too simple. As you get to know us, ask questions and give us a chance to tell you our stories.

In the meantime, we regularly ask people in our church to write a weekly article and you can read some of their stories and musings in the ImagoWEEKLY archives.