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The Directives

There are many good things a church can do with its time, energy and talent. At Imago Dei, these five ideas drive our decision making – our choices between what’s good to do and what’s best for us to do.


We believe that all of life -food, friends, work, money, pleasure, sleep- is spiritual. We do not fragment our lives; we live with a growing understanding that everything we do relates to God.


We believe being formed in the image of God means being a reflection of Jesus (even if imperfectly) to the people around us. We are committed to promoting the values of the kingdom of God: justice, equality, mercy and grace. Furthermore, we honor, respect, and partner with other organizations that may be different than us, in order to serve the community.


We honor everyone’s journey of faith. We exist to walk alongside people as they seek to discover deeper levels of faith and intimacy with God wherever they are in the process – whether spiritually seeking or spiritually mature.


We believe that spiritual formation happens in the context of intentional relationships that may take many forms.


We are committed to historic, orthodox Christian faith as found in the Apostles Creed. We are committed to a generous orthodoxy under a banner of love and grace. As such, we commit ourselves to faithful reading and study of the Bible, finding new and creative ways to live out what it teaches.