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Support Teams

At Imago, we believe that shared leadership makes us better. We have a multitude of gifted leaders among our community, and we're grateful for the roles they play on our support teams.

The Formation Team considers the spiritual health and development of the church. They tend to pastoral care needs including the health of our staff.

Formation Team Members:

Bryan Holmes, Chris Schaffner, Karen Walters, Lynn Karneboge, Steve Harris, Erin Springer, and Renae Miller.

TheĀ Ministry Team directs and improves the ministries of the church. They manage volunteers, and oversee our connection and outreach opportunities.

Ministry Team Members:

Dustin Hite, Christina Hite, Laura Holmes, Eric Masters, Monica Lin, Holly Earleson, Trudy Schaffner, & Cory Brown.

TheĀ Resource Team handles the business affairs of the church. They manage the budget, finances and care of the facilities.

Resource Team Members:

Emily Ambroso, Ashby Patterson, Doug Urbaniak, Mike Tunis, Dave Hoffman, & Ted Rice.