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Our Beliefs

We affirm historic Christian Orthodoxy and The Apostles' Creed – recognized as the earliest and most widely accepted of the creeds. Of course, the Apostles' Creed doesn’t settle every matter of theological dispute, but we see ourselves as a community in a theological conversation with God, the Bible, each other, and the past as we seek to follow Jesus with all our “heart, soul, mind and strength.”

And if you look at our “directives” you will notice that we put a lot of emphasis on practicing a “generous orthodoxy.” That means we make as much space for disagreement as we can. We don’t all believe the exact same things about particular points of theology or practice, but we are committed to relationship. As such, we practice full inclusion and don't limit anyone because of their gender, sexual preference, color of skin or any such thing. In disputable matters, we try to follow the principles the apostle Paul laid out in Romans 14, to "accept everyone." In other words, if you want to be part of us, you’re “us.”

Of course, anyone can throw a bunch of words on paper and say that those words represent their beliefs. But, we can’t really know what one believes until we watch how a person acts, enter into their conversations, or see how they go about loving the people God places in their path. So we invite you – if you really want to know what our community believes – get to know us, ask questions and watch how we try our best to live as disciples of Jesus.