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Mission is a central part of following Jesus. It is at the core of who we are and what we do at Imago. Jesus cared about people, and so do we. We try to demonstrate in tangible ways to those around us--co-workers, strangers, neighbors--that they matter and are valuable. We believe being formed in the image of God means being a reflection of Jesus (even if imperfectly) to the people around us. So, we are committed to promoting the values of the kingdom of God: justice, equality, beauty, mercy and grace. This takes many forms, as N.T. Wright describes well:

“Every act of love, gratitude, and kindness; every work of art or music inspired by the love of God and delight in the beauty of his creation; every minute spent teaching a severely handicapped child to read or to walk; every act of care and nurture, of comfort and support, for one’s fellow human being and for that matter one’s fellow nonhuman creatures; and of course every prayer, all Spirit-led teaching, every deed that spreads the gospel, builds up the church, embraces and embodies holiness rather than corruption, and makes the name of Jesus honored in the world - all of this will find its way, through the resurrecting power of God, into the new creation that God will one day make. That is the logic of the mission of God. God’s recreation of his wonderful world, which began with the resurrection of Jesus and continues mysteriously as God’s people live in the risen Christ and in the power of his Spirit, means that what we do in Christ and by the Spirit in the present is not wasted. It will last all the way into God’s new world In fact, it will be enhanced there.”

N.T. Wright, Surprised By Hope: rethinking heaven, the resurrection, and the mission of the church, p. 208