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Leadership Team

Our church is led by the Leadership Team. They are responsible for the direction, vision and operation of the church. In that capacity, they oversee the staff and give direction to the Formation Team, Resource Team and Ministry Teams. These are the members of the Leadership Team:

Bryan Holmes

Formation Team Leader

Bryan has no favorite sports team, but many favorite people, especially his wife Laura, and their suddenly grown daughters Lily and Claire. By day he herds third graders, and by night he solves the world’s problems in coffee shops, tackles his perpetual pile of half-read books, looks for the best in people and leads the Formation Team. He’s learning to speak GIF.


Chris Schaffner

Formation Team

Chris is married to Trudy and they have 4 bio kids, and several non-bio kids who’ve called them mom and dad over the years. Chris is a counselor and founder of http://conversationsonthefringe.com, a nonprofit that aims to help churches better love the marginalized and vulnerable.


Emily Ambroso

Resource Team Leader

Emily is mom to Arnie, wife to Kyle, and creator of spreadsheets for the church.  She likes to start books, play volleyball, eat good chocolate & drink coffee - and she’s perpetually five (or ten) minutes late.


Eric Masters

Ministry Team

Eric is married to Amber and lives in Peoria. When he isn’t being preachy on the internet, he serves on the Leadership and Ministry Teams, brews beer, plays D&D, pets every cat, and somehow gets paid to design things.


Laura Holmes

Ministry Team

Laura grew up in schools and churches and never left them. She teaches fifth graders and knows the answers to every riddle they throw at her. When she's not hanging out with ten-year-olds, her favorite thing is to be with her husband, Bryan and their two daughters, Lily and Claire.

She serves on the Ministry and Leadership Teams at Imago with truly incredible people who are only mildly impressed with her riddle skills.